Emotional wounds and feelings are experienced and stored as much in the body as they are in the mind. Through a combination of psychotherapeutic and body work techniques these memories are being released in a mindful and gentle manner and within a safe and boundaried space.

Many sexual issues manifest in the body: but they frequently arise from the mind. Only by addressing both mind and body can we effectively heal.

4 Stages

The method is a unique combination of techniques from both psychotherapeutic and bodywork disciplines.

The process involves four distinct stages, leading to the resolution of most sexual and intimacy issues.
  1. Awareness of blocks through psychotherapeutic processes
  2. Removal of emotional and physical blockages through physical therapy
  3. Re-connection to and awakening of the body through sensual touch
  4. Enabling sexual empowerment and cultivating orgasmic response through bodywork

An important aspect of the role of a Psychosexual Somatic Practitioner is to ensure that the client feels completely safe in the container of our sessions. It is of paramount importance that the client's boundaries are respected at all times during this work.

During a session, a Psychosexual Somatics Practitioner works with the physical, personal, emotional and transcendent by providing a loving, accepting space which enables healing to occur.

Working with each client varies enormously and there is no typical session, but elements that we may work with include:

- Psychotherapeutic techniques
- Deep tissue massage
- Breathing and movement exercises
- Gentle, compassionate holding
- Full body massage

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